Enterprise Development Process and Important Issues:

Cooperate with Delixi and set up “ Yueqing Gacia Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd on August 5, 2002

Invested 6 million Yuan in purchasing 25 mu land of Poyang, Jiangxi and set up “ Poyang Gacia Wire and Cable Company” with plant area 6700 m2 in October of 2004 which starts production in May, 2005 and has annual wire production value of 45 million Yuan;

Separated from Delixi and set up independently Zhejiang Gacia Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd on November 28, 2004.

Purchased the current plant area and moved from Liushi Town to Beibaixiang Baitawang Industrial Zone on October 1, 2005.

Invested 55 million Yuan in purchasing 53 mu land and set up Jiangxi Gacia Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd in Poyang, Jiangxi in March, 2008 which mainly does circuit breaker OEM production , built up Plant with area of 48000 m2 in 2012, and then started production with output 50 million Yuan in 2012.

Set up “Yueqing Gacia Export and Import Trade Co., Ltd” in Yueqing in 2009;

Invested 50 million Yuan in Jingdezhen City, and Shangrao City in building 4S shops. Bought 23 mu land with plant area 11000 m2, and has set up Ford, Hyundai, Geely Dihao, Hainan Mazda 4S shops. Shanghai shops are still in construction. The estimated sales and repairing production value in 2012 is up to 100 million Yuan.

Purchased land of 37 mu in Zhoupu town in Shanghai Pudong New District in 2010 with plant area 43162 m2 and total investment of 140 million Yuan. It is professional in production of France High level brand NESFEL electrical products and is completely put into use in September, 2012;
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