• Product Overview
  • PR8NE RCCB has the General
    PR8NE RCCB is suitable to the circuit of AC50/60Hz.rated voltage 230V for 2poles and 400V for 4 poles, and rated current up to 100A.When people come across the electric shock or the leakage current of the electrical network exceeds the fixed value, this product can cut off the fault current in short period so as to protect persons and the equipments, It also can be used in the infrequent starting of the circuit and motors. The circuit breaker is suitable to industry, commerce, high-rise building, household and other kinds of places.This product meets the standard of IEC/EN61008-1.
    It has the following features:
    PR8NE RCCB has the following functions:
    Leakage protection ( A type, AC type, AC+S type)
    Electronic type
    Isolation function
    Leakage fault indication
    Quick wiring function of busbar
    Support 35mm Din-rail installation

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