• Product Overview
  • Application of MCCB(PS)
    PS series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (hereinafter referred to as MCCB) is the new series MCCB, which is developed strictly according to international standards and manufactured with advanced technology by GACIA Electrical Appliance CO.,LTD.
    This product complies with IEC60947-2, GB14048.2
    The MCCB, having rated insulation voltage 500V (Inm≤160A) to 690V (Inm≥250A) is designed to be used for distribution network of having rated current 10A to 1600A, rated operational voltage 380/400V to 660/690V, intended for power distribution, protection of electrical equipments and circuits against overload, short-circuit and under voltage, and also for unfrequent switching of electric circuits in most cases. MCCB with frame rating up to and including 400A can be used for unfrequent starting, and interruption of squirrel cage motors, and for protection of motors against overload, short-circuit and under voltage.
    PS series circuit breakers can be equipped with electric accessories and mechanical accessories, such as under voltage release, shunt release, auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, electric operating mechanism and rotary mechanical operating handle etc.
    PS series intelligent moulded case circuit breakers are equipped with electronic release with the function of protection of electric circuits and equipments not only against overload, short-circuit and under voltage, but also against earthing failure. The intelligent functions of it are: current beam indication of operation; indication of power source and self-diagnostic indication of pre-alarm and alarm for over-current failure; output of over-current signal and monitoring of circuit breaker open/ close, particularly, the intelligent trip unit is designed with interface available for remote measuring, remote adjusting, remote controlling and remote  communicating between circuit breakers and computers.
    Technical Features
    Complete range of current ratings which enable users to solve all protection requirements of installation With high short-circuit breaking capacity
    B -- Basic type: general breaking capacity
    N -- Ordinary type: ordinary breaking capacity
    S -- Standard type: standard breaking capacity
    H -- Higher breaking type: higher breaking capacity
    PS series circuit breakers(Inm≥250A) are equipped with electronic release with advanced PC technology, having intelligent protection functions and communication interface, available for connection with the interface of the central computer, and suitable for measuring, remote adjusting, remote controlling and remote communicating.

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