• Product Overview
  • PB has the General
    PB  Button indicator is applied to  circuit controlling system of AC 50Hz or 60Hz and voltage up to 230V. It is used as a circuit controller for magnetic starter, contactor, relay and other electrical appliances. This lamp attaching button is also suitable to installations for indicating. The product conforms to IEC60947-5 Structural  characteristics:
    Button is for plane arrangement. Belonging to direct-moving double breaking points structure, which is made of insulation enclosure, partition board, contact. button, contact bridge, contact  holder, contact board wiring holder, operating button and other components.
    The wiring bridge and contact spring are fixed on the contact holder .and contact and operating button are connected together.The operating button pushes the contact to make and break with the power from outside The signal light can be considered as an individual circuit,and the two wiring terminals are installed on the outside of enclosure to indicate the working condition of the circuit.
    Main specifications and technical parameters
    Rated Insulation voltage(Ui) 500V;
    Conventional thermal current(lth) 16A;
    Rated operational voltage (Ue) AC230V;
    Rated operational current(le) 6A;
    Usage category AC-14;
    Protection degree IP 20;
    Mechanical endurance 250000 times;
    Electrical endurance 100000 times:

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