• Product Overview
  • ILO has the General
    ILO  Indicator light is used as an indicating signal, pre-placed signal, accident signal and other signal indicators for line of telecommunication,electric in the circuit control system of  AC 50Hz or 60Hz and voltage up to 230V. The product conforms to IEC60947-1
    Main specifications and technical parameters
    Rated Insulation voltage(Ui)500V;
    Rated operational voltage: AC/DC 6.3V, AC/DC12V, AC/DC 24V, AC/DC 110V, AC/DC 230V;
    Rated operational current:≤10mA;
    Electrical endurance:LED≥3000h
    Basic color of the signal lights: red,green,blue,yellow,white
    Degree of protection:IP20

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